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1985 Robin Medley Custom - Revisited

Richard Moffett

I was asked recently to photograph my 1985 Robin Medley Custom so I thought I’d share some of the pics.

1993 & 2007 Gibson Doves

Richard Moffett

I don’t know how it happens, but when it rains, it pours. I love Gibson acoustics. I especially love Hummingbirds, Doves, J200 etc. They always remind me of the cowboy dreamworlds I lived in as a boy.

Note the subtle differences between the model years. 1997 was, as I understand, the second year of production in Boseman, Montana. It’s top has aged very nicely. The gold & pearl Kluson tuners differ from the Grovers on the 2007. 

The headstock inlays are much nicer on the 2007. They are much more defined with much less filler.

The flame maple is more pronounced on the 2007 as well. I kept them both out for an entire weekend and, with the help of my wife, did repeated blind sound tests. I chose the older one, even though it’s features are not as pronounced. It’s pickup is not active and its condition is a few point lower. What bugs me most about the 1993 is that someone, years ago, placed the strap button on the downside of the neck at the 14th fret! Oh well… The 2007  is for sale here

1987 & 88 Strat Plus in rare Bahama Green

Richard Moffett

Two are better than one… The ’88 on the left with maple neck has faded to a nice flat green patina. The ’87 on the right belongs to friend/student Gerry Maizlish and has an almost Aqua hue to it and rosewood fingerboard. Both great players guitars!

2007 Gibson Dove

Richard Moffett

I just picked up one of my dream guitars. These Gibson acoustics really do something for me. I already have a beat up J-50 and an early 2000 Hummingbird. Now, the Dove!

5 piece neck, beautiful curly maple back and really a deep, loud acoustic. Pre-installed LR Baggs Element pickup too. Montana made.

Les Paul Gold Top / Black and Gold

Richard Moffett

From the Les Paul Museum a shot of me and and a Black on Gold Les Paul from the mid 1950’s. Pictured below, Seth Connors late model Black on Gold

“KT Guitars” (Koontz and Thurston)

Richard Moffett

Here are two incredibley rare, incredibly beautiful, incredibley perfect 1980’s KT Les Paul replicas. These handcrafted masterpieces were built in Maryland by a team of Pre-PRS boutique luthiers Mike Koontz and John Thurston sometime in the early 1980’s.

Now That I’ve Found You

Richard Moffett

Now That I’ve Found You song written by Ray Duerr, performed by WHEELS… Dave Kampel lead vocal, Ray Eicher Gurian acoustic, Rickenbacker 12-string guitars, pedal steel and back-up vocals. Terry Connors bass, Dean Friend drums.

1995 Lip Stick Red Fender Strat Plus

Richard Moffett

I just bought this Strat Plus a week or so ago so these are not very good pictures. 1995 was the next to last year of production. The nut is great with ball bearings for the strings to roll thru. The knobs are from a different Strat Plus and i don’t have a whammy bar for it yet. It sounds great and plays nice. 

Original Hofner Beatle Bass

Richard Moffett

Over the years I’ve featured some iconic basses from my collection. Here is one that I wish I had. Hofner pioneerd the Violin Style Bass in the early 60’s, Similar in syle to the original Gibson EB bass in an earlier post of mine. Of course you and I, even my oldest daughter could recognize who played the Hofner bass. The Beatle bass featured here was in for repairs at CAMPBELL’S MUSIC SERVICE. I just couldn’t help snapping a few shots of it.

What were they thinking??

Richard Moffett

We’ve all made mistakes. This feature is an early ’80’s Pink Gibson SG With 2 single coils, a humbucking pickup and a Kahler tremolo in shocking pink! Surprisingly, it’s a great feeling and sounding SG. Owned by one of my students. Great find ehh?

2015 Les Paul Deluxe in Pelham Blue

Richard Moffett

Friend and student Ryan McGurk brought his newest guitar for me to checkout. As always, touch the pic to enlage each image.

The following is excerpt from the Gibson website…

Faithfully re-created with Mini Humbuckers designed by Jim De Cola and Jeff “Skunk” Baxter. Electronics offer push/pull coil split on each volume and Orange drop capacitors with 15dB boost. Like other 2015 Les Paul models, the 2015 Les Paul Deluxe commemorates the visionary’s birth with a special 100 Les Paul headstock hologram. Other features include an asymmetrical, rounded C neck profile, adjustable zero-fret nut, plain maple top and removable pickguard. 

All 2015 Gibson models benefit from some important upgrades:

  • G-Force tuning system.
  • Zero Fret Nut – Patent applied for nut with adjustable action
  • Wider neck and fingerboard (.050 per side) for increa sed playing comfort
  • Tune-o-matic bridge featuring hex wrench adjustment on thumbscrews for easy action adjustments
  • Professional setup – Accurate intonation, PLEK program, 27% lower fretwire
  • Smoother sanded/buffed fingerboard with oil treatment
  • One-piece thicker rosewood fingerboard
  • Pearl inlays return on all product
  • More robust cables change from 28 AWG to 26 AWG for improved signal
  • Improved jack design for uninterrupted signal
  • No satin or vintage gloss finishes: All SKUs will be gloss lacquer
  • Hardshell case on all models

She’s Not My Girl

Richard Moffett

She’s Not My Girl song written by Ray Duerr performed by WHEELS…Ray Eicher guitars & vocals, Dave Kampel solo guitar and harmony vocal, Terry connors bass, Dean Freind drums.

Fender '62 Re-issue Jazz Bass Medium Scale

Richard Moffett

I have been searching for a Mustang Bass or Musicmaster Bass with the medium scale length for months now, but the prices just didn’t seem realistic. Well, problem solved. I just found this 1962 Re-issue Fender Jazz Bass imported direct from Japan with a medium scale neck! This model is not for sale in the US and was sent over from a dealer in Japan called IshiBashi. It’s weight and 30″ scale is perfect for me. The quality equals or surpasses most American Fenders that I’ve seen lately and the Re-issue is as accurate as can be.