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1984 & 86 Paisley Telecaster First Re-issue

Richard Moffett

I was lucky enough to own an original 1968 Paisley Tele in the late seventies and I never forgot it’s light weight spanking tones that seemed to be present at darn near any volume. Years passed and I ran across some information about Fender’s brief but productive shift to Japan and the amazing re-issues they were making while the Fender plant was shut down in Fullerton California and moved to Corona. I own a few Tele’s from that era and the only one I’ve left completely stock is the Paisley. It feels and sounds just great the way it is. Pictured side by side with mine is another 1st year re-issue owned by my friend and fellow teacher and awesome bluegrass legend, Randy Stewart. Fender has twice re-issued these Paisley Telecasters since 1984 but the pickups are not as lively, the pots are smaller and he wiring is less than code. I can’t afford to return to 1968 but 1984 is just fine with me.