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1985 Robin Medley Custom

Richard Moffett

From Texas?  From Japan?  Heck, we didn’t know!  Robin was and maybe still is a great Texas guitar company. In 1985, however, no one was really sure where they were being manufactured when ROBIN GUITARS first showed up at the NAMM trade show.

This ROBIN Medley Custom in Sparkle Magenta is certainly one of their first. My sources tell me that Billy Gibbons got number one at NAMM and mine was a left over from the show!

Where the serial numbers should be is a metal badge that says “Limited Edtion”.

I purchased it in 1985, when I was in the dance rock band RECKLESS, from Campbell’s Music in beautiful downtown Spry, PA also the home of my teaching studio for 37 years.

It was a “shredder” to beat all “shredders”! Locking Kahler tremolo, neck thru-body construction, ebony fingerboard and killer tone. Updated recently with IBZ dimarzios, thanks again Seth.

I honestly don’t know why I’ve kept it all these years. I guess that band and those times were just such a wonderful  stage in my life!

Who knows, maybe purpley shredder guitars will stage a comeback!