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“Good-buy” Old Blue, BMI S-10, 3×3 Pedal Steel

Richard Moffett

I’ve owned this great BMI S-10 pedal steel for at least 20 years now and it seems that the time has come to say goodbye. Used on countless recordings and live dates, this steel has become a part of me… A very heavy part of me!

With the advent of the new light-weight pedal steels like my  ETS shown in an earlier post, these old heavy-weights are becoming the “stay at home” guitars of choice for older, less traveling players.

I so loved my new ETS that I began researching various other company’s offerings. I needed another steel for my studio as well as one for home and traveling to the few events that I still play each year. I found an S-10, 3×4 (3 pedals, 4 Knee levers) made by renown builder Fred Justice in Arizona. I will feature that guitar in my next post.

“Old Blue” will be making a trip to a northern California Pedal Steel shop soon and I’m sure it will find a good permanent home with little or no traveling from show to show. My friend Ben Reed (who I borrowed,  then bought the steel from 20 years ago) has given his blessings and the new Justice pedal steel has arrived so, the time has come. 20 years ago my  BMI  steel was a good-buy and I’m sure its new owner knows that he got a “good-buy”.