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Graffiti Yellow Fender Strat Plus

Richard Moffett

This Graffiti yellow Strat Plus is one of the LOUDEST, most responsive, most dynamic guitars I own. I got a hot tip from my “Ace” guitar playing nephew (thanks Seth) that this long sought after guitar was available and in our area. Within 24 hours of that call, the deal was done! It’s condition was 9 out 10 and a screamer right out of the case. I used it at an open mic jam shortly after I set it up and I knew it was the one!

The yellow color was modeled after the 1949 Ford in the movie “American Graffiti” (hence, the name), and designed to hopefully to catch Jeff Beck’s eye in developing his new signature model. It worked! I am told that no signature Jeff Beck Models actually came in this color, but the idea must have clicked. He played various Strat Plus style guitars with a slightly different pickup combination (2 single and 1 double coil) for many years. This is one of the most rare and vibrant colors that Fender made. I’ll still search for the Daphne Blue and Razzberry models, but I am nearing the end of my wish list in this guitar.